99 Problems


“…that stitches stuff foxxy is getting…”

It’s a phrase that’s been on my mind for the past half-hour or so. I’m hoping when I’m finished typing, it would be out of my mind so I can concentrate on the rest of my day. We’ll get to that phrase that doesn’t pay in a minute but first…

So I had my first prenatal appointment this past Tuesday. Yoda is measuring a little small (6w5d, when my LMP is 7w1d at the time of the appointment) but my OB wasn’t that concerned with it. He said because Yoda is still in a curved state (think shrimp), the measuring could be a little off. He said he would have a more accurate reading once I get hit 10 weeks.

We talked in great detail about the cerclage. I didn’t mention my conversation with Dr. Davis but I did mention the TVCIC I wanted to get, which my OB never heard of (not surprising, since that particular type of cerclage is relatively new). My OB did mention how one of his colleagues does cerclages and nothing but cerclages and recommended him to me. Should I choose to accept this assignment, I would see the cerclage specialist twice a month in addition of seeing my OB twice a month. I’ll also start progesterone suppositories around 16 weeks.

Let’s rewind: Four appointments a month, one OB, one specialist. Modified bed rest. Oh, and pelvic rest. No sex. At all. Starting now. It’s going to be a long year.

I’m still not sure about the cerclage specialist. He will probably put the Shirokdar in me since I have no faith in the McDonald stitch whatsoever. But we’re going to play it by ear. Maybe I might be a little more confident in someone locally and might cancel my appointment with Dr. Davis. I don’t know. I want a guaranteed stitch that will hold.

Now about that opening sentence…


I’m a part of a few groups on Facebook and only three know about my pregnancy: my IC group, my November moms group, and another mom’s group I used to belong to. Key phrase: used to. I let them all know my progress with everything and what was happening since most of them knew the story of my last pregnancy with Ethan. Today, one of the mothers-to-be in the last group updated everyone on her pregnancy. She said she got her cervix checked so she didn’t have to get “that stitches stuff foxxy is getting…”

Really? “That stitches stuff”? You had no other way of saying that? I’ve said the word cerclage how many times and all you can remember is “that stitches stuff”?

I re-read her post a few times to see if I actually read what I thought I read. I didn’t want to be offended by something and turned it out I misinterpreted it. Nope, I read it just fine. I sent her a message, explaining how I knew she meant well but her wording was offensive. No reply yet and probably won’t get one. I ended up dropping out of the group because I can’t help but to feel birds of a feather flock together and I want to avoid more ignorant-ass comments from others.

Let’s get one thing clear: I don’t want to get a cerclage. I have to get one. A cerclage is the only thing that will guarantee me to carry to full-term since my cervix is shot to hell. Do I want to have four appointments a month? No. Do I want to have a OB and a specialist? No. Do I want to be considered high-risk? No. Do I want to be on modified bed rest? No. Even if I was working, I would have to quit because a job could not survive my bed rest schedule.

I hate being pregnant after a loss. I really hate being pregnant after a late loss. And that ignorant chick’s comment gave me more reason why I’m not announcing my pregnancy until after Yoda has arrived. I can’t relate to first-time moms because this isn’t my first pregnancy. I can’t relate to second-time moms because I don’t have a toddler. I’m in limbo. And I would think someone who knew my story and everything I have gone through would be just a little more sensitive to my situation, instead of downplaying it as ‘that stitches stuff.’ I’m sorry her vocabulary is not that big.

Rant over. I feel better now. I just needed to get out of my system and not have it mess up my day. Happy Mommy = Happy Yoda and I’m keeping it that way.


2 thoughts on “99 Problems

    1. I’m normally a private person to begin with and I have a hard time trusting someone as it is. But I think with this pregnancy, I’ve become that much more cautious about who I let in my world. Some people really just don’t know how to act, even when they think they’re being “helpful.”


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